Kalbra's Signature Tinctures

Simplicity in Choosing has Returned!!

For Nearly 3 Years, KALBRA Has Had the Pleasure of Serving YOU, Our Best Customer...

And, We Couldn't Be More Pleased to Offer You a More Simple Way of Getting Your Favorite Tinctures!!!

So, We've Consolidated. We've had 3 years to study your feedback and these are the immediate changes we're going to make:

You'll find our tinctures available in two(2) flavors:

Mint and StrawNana - Easy, Delicious Choices

KALBRA is returning to production on 3 strengths of our signature Tinctures: 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg, effectively bringing your choice of simple dosing to 25mg per serving, 33mg per serving, or 50mg per serving


The Only Choice Left to Make is Whether You Want Full Spectrum Oil, Or THC Free!!