About Kalbra CBD



Kalbra CBD is owned and operated by Kali Ann Herman and Brandon Henry. One, a social media giant with complete command over the fitness and cannabis space - the other, an executive VIP liaison, lifestyle brand manager, and expert cannabis consultant:

Brandon's personal experiences with cancer have led to a direct desire to seek alternative remedies for afflictions that doctors only recommend therapies, or surgery for. Brandon decided he would provide new answers and remedies for others suffering similar, life changing experiences. 11 years later, through the continued use of a variety of CBD therapies, healthy eating, and other proactive lifestyle choices, Brandon has remained proactive in the fight against cancer, with emphasis on cannabis as a catalyst and a cure.

Kali has made fitness and an active lifestyle involving cannabis the key to her primary success in building a social media empire. Training herself, and others for NPC figure competitions, modeling, and leading with the expansion of her own personal brand, has landed Kali at the forefront of personal development and lifestyle coaching. Kali sees an immediate need for a non-addictive alternative, to traditionally prescribed medicines. She is actively ending the stigma surrounding cannabis by integrating it into every conversation about business and lifestyle she has. As a result, Kali is providing natural remedies in today's addictive society.

Kali and Brandon have worked together to bring you Kalbra CBD, their venture, joined at the heart, to help bring a bit of humanity and sensibility back to the conversation about what your health should, and can mean to you.