Corona Virus Statement

A message from Kalbra: 
Times are tough, and we hear daily about new layoffs and business closings. We wanted to reach out and say, we are thinking of all of you whether you're directly affected by Covid-19 or not, no matter if your health, or your job security is at risk. We know you will come out on the other side of this and even though you can’t see it now, there IS ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel.
We understand that a lot of you rely on Kalbra for up-to-the-minute cannabis related research and news and the products derived from these platforms, specifically the products we offer you via our online store and brick and mortar locations. In order to better serve you in these unprecedented times, we have both increased our sanitation protocols, developed more stringent standards for shipping and effective immediately, we have slashed our prices on all products that we are able to:
In order to utilize this 50% discount, use code 'staysafe' at checkout. As of now, we will continue to operate at full capacity as long as standard delivery options continue to remain available.
In lieu of the of COVID-19 virus, and given that Kalbra products do not fall into the "essential" category, we have changed our refund policy effective immediately! If any purchase made goes unprocessed or does not arrive to you due to shipping or other business restrictions, we will process a refund or we will reship within 24 hours of the request.
Now onto happier things!
How does Diane, Kalbra's Social Media Marketer like to stay busy?
Something that she absolutely LOVES to do, besides photography and marketing, is making things from scratch! She told me that it's so soothing for her. So, she felt really inspired to make homemade bread and pasta at her parents house! She's naturally a homebody and since her parents live so close, it's the perfect opportunity to spend this time with them. I'm happy to say that she was MORE than willing to share her recipes with all of you!
Homemade Bread:
This recipe makes 4 loaves!
Pro Tip from Diane: "For both the bread and the pasta, I continually coated my hands with flour while kneading and added small drops of water until it was more elastic than sticky! Also, for the above homemade bread recipe, I would recommend adding sprinkles of flour until it's right!"
Homemade Pasta:
This one really excites me because I've actually never had a pasta maker, and what better time to try one out?!
Simply let the dough rise for 20 minutes and then feed it through your pasta maker and voilà!
Homemade Ravioli:
Obviously, anything that's stuffed with cheese gets my attention!
Ricotta Cheese
1 Egg
3 tsps of Parmesan
Salt + Pepper to Taste
Egg wash one side of the dough before you seal the top down!
Well now that your tummy's are growling, How do Kali & Brandon, the KAL & BRA stay busy?
Well, as many of you know, we found out we are pregnant and we couldn't be MORE ecstatic! So we are currently reading Expecting Better provided by my best friend! We're almost through the First Trimester section and I know we have both already learned a lot! Learning new things can be really exciting! I'm honestly not a book worm at all, but I know Brandon is and it helps me enjoy this more so. I recommend sharing books with each other! I'm sure there are PLENTY of others who would love to explore other novels, etc. As long as you can be safe about it, why not create a local community "library" where everyone can catch up?!
Another thing that we love to do is watch our old 'kid' movies! We watched 'Hook' last night and it really made us feel that spirit that we had when we were younger. What simply joys that characters bring out of us, especially when it comes to Robin Williams playing Peter Pan! How many of us notice SO much more in these movies when we're older? We're not paying a whole lot of attention to the verbiage at that age, but we are paying attention to behaviors and the characters that represent them.
If you're in the mood to reminisce, why not search some facts about these older movies? You'd be surprised at what you didn't know!
In 1991, Maggie Smith played the elderly version of Wendy in Hook thanks to a ton of makeup. At the time, she was 57 years old, playing an 80-something-year-old woman.
This is Maggie Smith today at 86!
We truly hope that this email gives you some ideas of how to potentially spend your time with your loved ones, whether they be near or far! Remember, you can always FaceTime, Skype, Facebook call them..even if it's just for a simple hello! You never know the impact you can have on someone else unless you try!
From all of us:
Stay safe, wash your hands, and we’ll all get through this together.