2500$ Big Cat Vacation Package Giveaway!!

Imagine being able to Travel, Socialize, and Learn about these amazing big cats in the type of setting only seen on Social Media...

And...Do All Of It With The Kalbra Team, Putting the Longevity and the Health of These Wonderful Creatures First!!! This is Not a Publicity Stunt! Working With These Cats Is a Huge Liability And Responsibility.

Thanks to the Team at Panther Ridge Conservation Center, and your interest in what Kalbra has built, we've worked to make this Once in a Lifetime opportunity a Reality, for YOU and a Guest!! And...We're Giving YOU an Opportunity to Win the Whole Package, Totally FREE*!!

Before We Get Ahead of Ourselves, Let's First Explain What We're Giving Away, And Then We Can Tackle How You Can Go About Winning!!

Whats Being Given:

  • One(1) Winner and a Guest Will Fly Round Trip to West Palm Beach, FL and stay for 3 days and 2 Nights in Luxurious Accommodations, all expenses paid - bags, taxes, fees, etc. (1250$ Value)
  • Food & Transportation during your stay, as well as, to and from Panther Ridge Conservation Center and all related activities (450$ Value)
  • One(1) "Header Keeper Tour" 2-hour Tour for Two People(400$ Value)
  • One(1) Serval & Caracal Meet & Greet for Two People (300$ Value)
  • 100$ Gift Card for Panther Ridge Gift Shop (100$ Value)
  • One(1) Cheetah Cubs Meet and Greet for Two People (500$ Value) ***Just Added Pending Approval on Day of Visit
  • One(1) 30 - Minute Beach Boxing Class with Florida's #1 Heavyweight MMA Competitor Tony Ciampa
  • One(1) 3-hour Business Mastermind: Kalbra Helps You Grow!!
  • *Each Adventure's Availability Depends on Staffing at the time of Request for Tours. "Meet & Greets" are solely dependent on any one cats decisions to interact with guests. Our Primary concern is the safety and concern of the Cats, and our Guests, and as Such, some Encounters may be cut short, or unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.


That's a 2500$$(Twenty-Five Hundred) Giveaway Package!!!

You Might Want to Pinch Yourself...Because, If You Remember, We Said You Could Win It All, Absolutely FREE*!! That's Right!! Free*!! Free*, Free*, Free*!! Now...Let's Explain Those Asterisks and Tell You How YOU Can Win!!

We Have Three(3) Ways to Win!

Ways To Win It All:

  1. Shopping On Kalbra.com - By Shopping on Kalbra.com you will earn 1 Free entry into the Big Cat Vacation Giveaway for every 10$ spent. This 10$ spent in exchange for a free entry does not include sales tax or shipping calculated as part of the total. All Orders placed between 12:00:01am EST March 1, 2020 and 11:59:59pm PST, March 31, 2020 will qualify for Free Entries.
  2. Donating Directly to Panther Ridge - Donations are worth 5x as much in Regards to Purchases. Donate 10$ and Receive Five(5) Free Entries into the Vacation Giveaway!! Directly Below there sits a bunch of great, easy to use links where you can make a direct donation to Panther Ridge, or you can click on over to our Facebook Fundraiser!! We've also added some back links to their page on our now permanent Donations Page!
  3. React, Share, and Comment - Tagging the person on Facebook who you would take with you on this once in a lifetime experience, Reacting to the Post, and Sharing it on your personal page, is a way to Earn One(1) Completely Free* Entry. That's It!! Click here to see the Post--->> Facebook Post
  • Example: Order Total is 117$ of which 16.85$ makes up the tax and shipping calculated. You Will Receive 10 Free Entries for Your Purchase.
  • Donations are Tracked Daily throughout all campaigns
  • Please Share, Comment, and Tag appropriately
  • Contest Ends Tuesday, March 31, 2020 11:59:59 est
  • Winner Announced Tuesday, April 7, 2020
  • Free Entries For Promotion Advertised on Both Instagram and Facebook
  • Facebook or its partners are not Affiliated with, nor do they endorse this Giveaway. Winner must be over the age of 18 and reside within the continental United States.
  • Prizes may not be redeemed for cash rewards



       But Wait, ahem...There's MORE!!

      While Developing the plan for this exclusive giveaway, bigger plans happened!!

      Panther Ridge Conservation Center Is Expanding!!!

      That's Right!! They have new Cheetah Cubs to house and plans to build a 20x50' educational pavilion to host all of their fantastic events!! (more ways to be involved)

      Most of All, Kali and Brandon, and the Entire Panther Ridge Team want to thank you for your donations, your purchases, and for participating in something that makes everyone involved feel real warm and fuzzy inside.

      The Kalbra Team Has dedicated Our Time and Resources to Panther Ridge for more than 2 years. We're currently structuring our price model so that a portion of all sales will continue to go towards the growth and sustainability that Panther Ridge provides these wonderful animals.

      Panther Ridge and Their Team of medical experts and assistants work diligently with very little accolade. It is our honor and privilege to learn and work under their guidance to bring the proper attention to these noble creatures.

      As Always, Lead with your Heart...And With the Idea that, If You Have the Ability to Help, You Have an Obligation to. <3