Broad Spectrum, THC Free, Distillate

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Bulk CBD Oil buyers choose Kalbra Labs 

  • Water-soluble, CBD solutions
  • Full Cannabinoid Profile
  • Overnight Delivery (call to confirm) 
  • Guaranteed grown in the USA, in small batches using organic methods
  • Full lab data for potency, contaminants, terpenes and Certificate of Analysis (COA) included with each order
  • Certified pesticide free & free of heavy metals
  • Order 1 gram to 500 Kilograms Monthly

Kalbra Labs CBD Oil delivers unmatched quality bulk CBD Oil, because all of our products are extracted with our own proprietary technology. In order to create an excellent product, manufacturers must select the best and most consistent ingredients. This makes bulk CBD Oil from Kalbra Labs the obvious choice for formulators and manufacturers who are interested in creating CBD products that are certified as both consistent and pure.

THC Free distillate is made by remediating the winterized crude we extract, in-house, as to further influence our efforts in controlling supply chains. We follow the motto, "if it's becoming a standard, we want to offer a premium version of it."

Like all of Kalbra Labs isolate products, our Broad Spectrum Distillate contains no THC and undergoes rigorous testing. Unlike many products on the market which separate or degrade quickly, these liquids are physically and chemically stable throughout their entire shelf-life.

Kalbra Laboratories Oil has earned its reputation as the undisputed leader in manufacturing and distributing agricultural hemp-derived cannabidiol in the natural products industry. Manufacturers who want only the highest quality bulk CBD oil can expect their high standards to be met by Kalbra Labs CBD Oil.

Water-soluble, Nano CBD Oil is available for sale to:

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturers
  • Supplement and Vitamin Formulators
  • Pet Product Manufacturers
  • Topical and Skin Care Producers
  • Vape product Producers