Farm Consulting


We have a variety of options in regards to consulting for current, or future hemp growth. We also specify between textile hemp growth, biomass, and retail ready, boutique flower.

In the Introduction to each topic you'll receive market projections, crop revenue expectations, and vital information from our personal growth experience that will help you make your decision to make the switch to industrial hemp cultivation. 

For the "Help me Build" category, Kali and Brandon will work hands on with your development team to optimize your production for 2019, on your budget. We will utilize our resources and expertise to push your field crop to new limits, earning you more $$ per acre, by teaching you about advanced monitoring techniques and how to implement them accordingly. We only offer 20 of these packages per year, as to maintain genetic integrity among shared crops. This is not an "on-site" package, but offers more than 100 hours of continuous communication throughout the season. 

In the "Fine Tuning" consulting package, you'll find every trick we've implemented to experience 45% monthly growth in our wholesale, online, and retail divisions of our company. Kali and Brandon will make a 1-week long trip to your farm, and immerse themselves in your pilot program, with full disclosure, with the purpose of taking your indoor, or outdoor grows to Tier 1 flower production, where prices are as much as 700lb per lb for hand trimmed hemp flower. 


Please contact us for all growth plans beyond 1000 acres biomass, 20k sqft green house space, and/or light dep setups. 


As always, please purchase at your own risk after having consulted your companies financial advisers, or officers. All purchases of digital products are non-refundable, and therefore final. 

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